kim ink portrait.jpg

Born into the lovely world twenty-one years ago in Plano, Texas. I was given the ability to express my creativity and push the boundaries of my level of enjoyment by creating paper action figures with brass button joints. People love to ask the million-dollar-question of, “hey, when’d you start drawing?” and to them I always say, “since i could handle a pencil!” This is completely true as I’ve gravitated towards art my whole life, and as my mom was an art teacher I always had materials to use at home. From drawing my favorite characters to my classmates I realized I was that kid, I was my schools art kid. And it seemed to stay that way my whole childhood all the way till college, where I attended The Joe Kubert School of Art and Design. All the sudden I was not the best but at the bottom of the food chain, and because of this I had this hunger to learn every new task we were being taught, and do it to the best of my ability. From there I began to see my ability rank rise, and with every new school year i saw my art becoming more and more to the level of professional rather than amateur. And with that crazy journey of art and long sleepless nights we arrived to the present where I’m graduating from the Kubert School and beginning to start on my first mini-series Cat and Mouse.